Engineering Hardware

Please note these documents were developed primarily for students in mecheng at UNSW, and are now made more generally available, with the consent of the author.


General Notes on Engineering Hardware


This section of the introductory courses in Mechanical Engineering Design in the School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering at The University of New South Wales deals essentially with engineering hardware. It was originally a hands-on laboratory course, supported by a series of formal lectures, in which students examined actual engineering components and answered a series of questions about certain aspects of those components. However, in the current course, it is presented simply as a very basic familiarisation course in engineering materials, manufacturing processes, and engineering hardware.

The character of the presented material changes as the course proceeds. In the early sections of these notes, the emphasis is on recognition of basic materials and manufacturing processes. In the later sections, the student's attention is being directed to design features and functions of components and assemblies. It is hoped that an understanding of the basic material will allow students to build a logical framework upon which they can assemble what can otherwise be a mass of disconnected facts into a structured whole.

These notes are set out in the following six parts:

Part 1 - Materials and Processes

Part 2 - Fasteners

Part 3 - Seals, Gaskets and Valves

Part 4 - Springs and Gears

Part 5 - Shafts and Bearings

Part 6 - Power Transmission Elements

A word of caution needs to be given. In a topic as broad as engineering hardware, the material presented must be a superficial view. It is no more than the tip of a very large iceberg. Notwithstanding this restriction, it is hoped that these notes can provide you with an invaluable knowledge of engineering hardware for use in the remainder of your four-year course and a useful start in your engineering career.

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