Possible Activities (across all conduit organisations)

Recognition of design in engineering, engineering designers and participants at all levels, nationally and internationally.

Support of the Australian Design Awards, Engineering Excellence Awards etc, providing or nominating judges, providing design awards at Universities or guidance to companies wishing to sponsor awards, possibly eventually taking over the Australian Design Awards and then making them an international award.

Design recognition through member accolades or titles (eg the Italian or German prefix Ing).


Publications & Articles

To media, government, IEAust Journal, schools etc ie all of the above organisations.



Direct, indirect & orchestrated advertising of all activities, publications, awards, programs, etc.



Of visiting speakers, prizes, renowned designers, student designers, growth industries utilizing design as a core activity, orchestrating such.


Literature & information identification & dissemination

A direction, cataloging & support service, worldwide & web based. The orchestration or implementation.



Such as the Weir Minerals Competition. Schools web based competitions. Support of existing design oriented competitions (eg Solar Marathon) & possible eventual orchestration. Eventually the implementation of international competitions.


Standards liaison

Input, guidance or nominations to any design related standards committee, nationally or internationally.

Body of final approval for design certification authorities.

An ambition to become the recognised umbrella for all design certification bodies.


Establishment of a national, design engineer register

Who does what in Australia, successes, projects.



Design support. Advocation of a design stream through to higher degrees in addition to a research stream.


Syllabus or program, input or consultation access

At all levels, schools, universities, business training.


Lectures, papers & presentations

Not only at academic forums, but at business luncheons, Rotary meetings, Executive training sessions etc.


Visiting speaker curriculum

Identifying overseas high profile or highly competent speakers, organising, sponsor organisation, orchestration.



From local school exhibitions to major equipment or service exhibitions, providing input, identifying resources, recommending structure.


Seminars, workshops & demonstrations

Use of new prototyping techniques, software, influencing technical seminars to incorporate a design element & design issues.


Initiation of a national design archive

Great design achievements, people, effects.


Implementation & maintenance of international engineering design association liaisons

Provision or encouragement of Australian participants at the international level.


Liaison & communication

Between all design related bodies and input provided for all design issues nationally & internationally.


Guidance on intellectual property protection

To individuals, industry and on policy formulation.


Cliff Green

Member NCED IEAust

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