Design Education

Discussion Paper - Engineering Course Restructure


How Well is Mechanical-Engineering Design Taught in Australian Universities?

Alex Churches and Douglas Magin; Faculty of Engineering, The University of NSW


Engineering Education Australia offers an ever increasing range of education and training courses and services in Australia and overseas.


Design Tensions paper by Peter McGowan

Re-Engineering Australia Forum aims to create a advantage for Australia in a competitive engineering environment.


SEED Ltd (Sharing Experience in Engineering Design) is an organisation of teachers of design in tertiary education. Its aims are: 

  • to encourage the sharing of experience in engineering design education
  • to arrange visits to design teaching departments provides a forum for the discussion of concerns about design education 
  • to pursue a better understanding of design 
  • to improve the quality of design education

(Copyright: The text and drawings in these on-line guides may not be copied without explicit written permission from SEED Ltd.)


Comprehensive Guide to Australian Universities


Aussie Educator - is a website with education information for early childhood, primary, secondary, tertiary levels, educational resources and tools, other special education information.

This Design and Technology  pages investigate, the process of design and the role of designers, the design process, factors that influence design, ethical/sustainable design, the history of design and the use of technology in the design process.

This website is a great reference source and incudes portals and sites for specific resources, courses, programs and more.

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